Q: How long does it take Ultra Graphics to turn my job around?
A: Times may vary depending on size, complexity and finishing processes. Some small jobs may take a few days, while the more complex can take anywhere from two to four weeks to complete. We will do everything physically possible to get your job completed in a professional, timely fashion. If you would like, simply call our customer service staff and they will be happy to tell you about normal production times.

Q: What geographic area(s) does Ultra Graphics serve?
A: Although our focus is primarily here in the Midwest, we have customers stretching from coast to coast, along with Puerto Rico. We invite all who are looking for a quality printer to give us a try!

Q: What is the difference between a PMS "Spot Color" and Full Color?
A: A PMS Spot Color is a mixture of different inks that creates one specific color. PMS Spot Colors are used for more economical reasons, and are used mainly in logos and items that do not have or desire colored photos, or are simple type, such as letterheads, invitations, envelopes, etc. Full Color is using all four colors of the color spectrum: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black. These colors are used when using colored photos, complex graphs and other items, such as catalogs, brochures, calendars, etc.

Q: Can I see what my job will look like before it is printed?
A: Of course! We provide proofs on all orders we set up, unless otherwise requested. Proofs can be emailed as PDF's, faxed, delivered, mailed or you are more than welcome to stop by our facility anytime during business hours to check it out.

Q: Can I design my own job and have Ultra Graphics print it for me?
A: Yes! Just simply follow our Electronic Order Checklist to make sure your file falls within our specs and we can do the rest. Files can be emailed to mail@ultgraphics.com or uploaded to our FTP site if they are too large to email. See Quote / How To for our Electronic Order Checklist and FTP instructions. We are BIG FANS of PRESS QUALITY PDF's with crops and 1/8" (.125 in.) bleeds! If you can not send a PDF, we will require a hard copy in order to verify that what we are to print is actually what you want printed. Make sure you spell check, have at least a 1/8" (.125 in.) bleed if color or images are going off the page and have correct space for folding, tabbing, etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our friendly staff and they will assist you on getting your file prepared. Proofs will be supplied by request only.

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